Tuesday, February 06, 2007

PRSSA minutes from February 6, 2007

Welcome back everyone! The first PRSSA meeting of the year was all about PR 2.0! Tonight our president, Jarrod Morgenstern, gave the presentation: "Blogging, Social Networking & RSS Syndication-- Oh my!" In his presentation, Jarrod explained that PR 2.0 comes from the term Web 2.0 and offers a new way to manage relationships with your publics. It includes blogs, podcasts, viral videos and social networks, such as: Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Bloglines, Skype, Wikipidia and many others. He also discussed the endless possibilities that PR 2.0 has to offer and its growing popularity among the nation and world. PR 2.0 is an excellent example of two-way communication, involving both input and output. Another topic that was brought up was RSS, or Real Simple Syndication. RSS enables blogs, podcasts and video to be syndicated with one click. It feeds to Web sites, personal portals, feed readers and more. RSS allows users to "pull" and search only the news they want to store and only what they need. Social Networking and several types of new multimedia were also discussed tonight. Once his presentation was over, Jarrod gave everyone an in-depth and very informative demonstration of everything he explained in the meeting. Overall, this presentation provided an excellent introduction to the world of multimedia and Web 2.0. For those of you that are interested in learning more information in regards to PR 2.0, feel free to contact Jarrod at jarrod.morgenstern@gmail.com.

Thanks again to everyone that was in attendance for our first PRSSA meeting of the spring semester! Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 20th at 7:00 in Stauffer-Flint 206. As always, there will be FREE PIZZA!!! Hope to see you all there!